About Coffeeplz

The author of this blog is Tim Deniston, a full-time ServiceNow consultant. He works for a ServiceNow partner and mainly focuses on CSM and HRSD, though he won’t shy away from ITSM (it is, after all, where he cut his teeth). His ServiceNow journey began in 2010 as an IT service desk manager who was limping along with an internally-customized variant of some freeware incident management system.

After becoming a power user of the ServiceNow platform, he was offered the opportunity to attend Knowledge 11. That conference was an eye-opener for Tim, as he was able to see what others were doing with the platform and learn new ways to leverage its power. He was a key driver of an effort later that year to gamify the platform with an internal “skunkworks” team. That team presented their gamification results at Knowledge 12, though Tim did not attend due to the birth of his first child around the time of the conference.

Later that year, he was given the opportunity to become an admin of the platform. Given his knowledge of the organization’s business processes and current challenges, Tim was tasked with improving ServiceNow’s footprint in the organization, including outside of IT. The first major effort was to build a case management system for the HR team. At that time, scoped applications were non-existent, but there was an HR plugin that could be used.

Following the HR implementation as well as several other organizational improvements, Tim joined a new ServiceNow consulting partner and never looked back. The following years provided him with exposure to a lot of companies, processes, and experiences. The experiences gained as a practitioner and consultant are a key driver for the commissioning of this site.