CatalogUtil – A GlideAjax Multi-tool

Customers of mine who use the service catalog tend to really use the service catalog. Many of them have big ambitions when it comes to what their catalog items, order guides, and record producers can do. This often results in leveraging GlideAjax in catalog client script, which means writing a corresponding script include to do ... Read More

The “Hidden” API Docs

I have no idea where I found this. I’ve tried to find its source. If you know where it came from, I’ll gladly credit the original source. Every time I share this full list, or even a single line of it, with another ServiceNow dev, I get this string of emoji: 😲🤯🙏 In my search ... Read More

Getting System Properties via GlideAjax

I frequently find myself adding system properties in order to meet ServiceNow’s best practice recommendation on hard-coding sys_ids in code. The best practice states: Avoid using hard-coded values in scripts, as they can lead to unpredictable results and can be difficult to track down later. Hard coding sys_ids is not recommended, as they may not ... Read More

Detecting Order Guides in Service Portal

I was building a catalog solution recently, an order guide that wraps up all the access management catalog items into one place. This access management order guide is intended to be used when someone identifies that they need access to a new system (or system that is new to them) or additional access in something ... Read More