SN Utils – Summer 2023

A lot has changed since I last wrote about SN Utils, but one thing hasn’t changed: I still use the hell out of SN Utils. Here’s a rundown of my current favorite or updated features: As always, I’m incredibly grateful that SN Utils is a thing and development is still on-going. If you’d like to ... Read More

UI Policies and the Negative Case

A UI Policy is one of the easiest to build and understand artifacts in the ServiceNow universe. At its most basic level, it takes no condition and does up to three actions: makes a field shown or hidden, editable or read-only, and/or mandatory or optional. That’s it! This is obviously an over-simplified scenario. Let’s take ... Read More

Organizing UI16 and Next UI Favorites

Credit for this really needs to go to one of my peers. I spoke confidently via Teams in a group chat that there was no way to group favorites in UI16 and Next UI’s application navigator, but I was kindly corrected! I am terrible about keeping a tidy list of favorites in any instance I ... Read More

The “Hidden” API Docs

I have no idea where I found this. I’ve tried to find its source. If you know where it came from, I’ll gladly credit the original source. Every time I share this full list, or even a single line of it, with another ServiceNow dev, I get this string of emoji: 😲🤯🙏 In my search ... Read More