CatalogUtil – A GlideAjax Multi-tool

Customers of mine who use the service catalog tend to really use the service catalog. Many of them have big ambitions when it comes to what their catalog items, order guides, and record producers can do. This often results in leveraging GlideAjax in catalog client script, which means writing a corresponding script include to do ... Read More

Parallel Flow Launcher and WorkflowCoordinator

The WorkflowCoordinator object is poorly documented (surprise, surprise), but it’s quite simple to use. I had never used it before, but got lucky and was able to get it working with minimal effort. The issue I need to solve was that an unknown number of approvals were needed for a particular catalog item. The number ... Read More

The “Hidden” API Docs

I have no idea where I found this. I’ve tried to find its source. If you know where it came from, I’ll gladly credit the original source. Every time I share this full list, or even a single line of it, with another ServiceNow dev, I get this string of emoji: 😲🤯🙏 In my search ... Read More

Your Changes Will Be Lost If You Leave Now

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all scratched our heads when ServiceNow tells us that fields have been changed, but we don’t think so because we know the page just loaded or that no changes were made. We’ve all slowwwwwly clicked Leave or Discard and hoped we were right. How could we possibly know? There are ... Read More