Custom Fields in HR Case

There’s really nothing quite like HR Case Management. It’s kinda like Incident, but not really. It’s kinda like service catalog, but not really. Thanks to HR Service, we have many different types of tasks being handled in small set of tables within the HR scope. This works pretty well, but can become complicated when you ... Read More

CatalogUtil – A GlideAjax Multi-tool

Customers of mine who use the service catalog tend to really use the service catalog. Many of them have big ambitions when it comes to what their catalog items, order guides, and record producers can do. This often results in leveraging GlideAjax in catalog client script, which means writing a corresponding script include to do ... Read More

SN Utils – How I Use It

The last time I wrote about SN Utils, it was highlighting the Slashcommands that I have manually loaded into every browser profile where SN Utils is installed. This time, I thought I’d review my most-used features of the beloved browser plugin. Slashcommands I already wrote about this (and will continue to do so, as I ... Read More

Parallel Flow Launcher and WorkflowCoordinator

The WorkflowCoordinator object is poorly documented (surprise, surprise), but it’s quite simple to use. I had never used it before, but got lucky and was able to get it working with minimal effort. The issue I need to solve was that an unknown number of approvals were needed for a particular catalog item. The number ... Read More

ServiceNow and Search Engines – Summer 2022

If you are anything like me, you’re constantly firing up a new tab in your browser of choice and entering “servicenow” followed by whatever you need to do. I probably do this 10-20 times each day. Here’s an example of things I did recently based on my browser history: servicenow flow return record object servicenow ... Read More