The “Hidden” API Docs

I have no idea where I found this. I’ve tried to find its source. If you know where it came from, I’ll gladly credit the original source. Every time I share this full list, or even a single line of it, with another ServiceNow dev, I get this string of emoji: 😲🤯🙏 In my search ... Read More

SN Utils Slashcommands – Spring 2022

I am a long-time user of the amazing, irreplaceable, invaluable SN Utils by Arnoud Kooi. If you’re not familiar, it’s a browser plugin (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) that enhances the ServiceNow experience for anyone with an admin role or even those without. It has been around for 6 years or so and the latest stats ... Read More

Your Changes Will Be Lost If You Leave Now

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all scratched our heads when ServiceNow tells us that fields have been changed, but we don’t think so because we know the page just loaded or that no changes were made. We’ve all slowwwwwly clicked Leave or Discard and hoped we were right. How could we possibly know? There are ... Read More

Getting System Properties via GlideAjax

I frequently find myself adding system properties in order to meet ServiceNow’s best practice recommendation on hard-coding sys_ids in code. The best practice states: Avoid using hard-coded values in scripts, as they can lead to unpredictable results and can be difficult to track down later. Hard coding sys_ids is not recommended, as they may not ... Read More